We are now selling worm castings in a new 5lbs. resealable bag. They are perfect for use in potted plants or for first time users! These bags are available at the farm in Winterville or at our new dealers: Jittery Joe's and B&G Feed!

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Worm Castings High Quality Worms Peat Moss
Our All-Natural Worm Castings are rich in
minerals essential for plant growth.
We produce the highest quality worms
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Castings, Composting, and Worms

Morris and Lee Morris Sapp and Lee McNeil are the founders and owners of Winterville Worms. We made our first purchase of Red Wiggler worms in early 2013. We chose Red Wigglers for a variety of reasons. Red Wigglers procreate at an alarming rate doubling their population every four to six weeks and they are the most efficient composting worms known to man. Red Wigglers have a voracious appetite 1000 worms are able to consume one cubic foot of bedding material and compost items in one month. They convert the bedding material and compost items into fine worm castings (worm castings are a fantastic all natural soil supplement which are excellent for growing flowers, vegetables, shrubs and even lawns). All of this, and they make great fresh water fish bait!

That first purchase was for 5,000 worms (that's about 5 lbs.). Within fifteen months we had nearly 4,000,000 worms from babies to mature adults. The basement is full of worms, the front porch is now a "ware-porch" filled with bags of castings, the back porch is a drying and turning room where we separate the enzyme rich castings from the worms and small twigs which are in the bedding material and the yard has row after row of outdoor bins overflowing with worms. These worms are ready and willing to go into service for you! Our castings and compost products are stacking up. If you have any questions about our castings, composting and worm products please explore our web site, contact us by phone or place an order on-line.

Thanks for making Winterville Worms your one stop shop for castings, composting and worms!